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Motorcycle Safety More Important Than Ever

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the United States, with more than four million motorcycles registered. Low initial costs, pleasurable use, and good fuel efficiency all…

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Motorcycle Helmet Safety – Current Scientific Advances

The NFL has been in the news quite a bit recently over a number of lawsuits brought by retired players claiming the NFL didn’t do enough to protect them from head injuries while…

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Motorcycle Safety

Here’s a question, if you are riding a motorcycle in Oklahoma, are you required to wear a helmet? Under current regulations, it depends how old you are. Under § 47-12-609(B), “no…

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Crash With Industrial Truck Kills Oklahoma Motorcyclist

According to the Tulsa World a motorcyclist is dead after a fatality traffic accident just east of the border of Tulsa and Rogers counties.

The article states that the

The Oklahoma Highway…

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Dump Truck Plows Into Stopped Motorcycles Killing Three and Injuring Eight

The associated press is reporting that a group of eight (8) motorcycle riders stopped at a red light were rammed from behind by a dump truck killing three (3) riders and injuring six (6) others….

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Motorcycle Wreck Claims the Life of 22 Year-Old Oklahoma City Woman

Newsok.com is reporting that police have identified a 22-yearold woman killed in a motorcycle crash last Friday night.

Police identified Delania Abbott, 22, of Mustang as the woman killed in a…

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Noble Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Norman Wreck

How many times have you driven and almost hit a car or motorcyclist in your blind spot? Do you now take the time to briefly turn and make sure you have clear access to the adjoining lane? It’s…

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Motorcycle Accidents More Common On Oklahoma Roads

I’v written on this before, but high gas prices is having an amazing effect on more motorcycles being written which in turn equates to more tragic motorcycle wrecks. In what is commonly appearing…

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Failing to Negotiate a Turn – Motorcycle Accidents

All too often I see reports of motorcycle accidents listed in the local paper. An alarmingly majority of those accidents seem to involve people driving at a high rate of speed and failing to…

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High Gas Prices Equal More Motorcycles on the Road

This may be a broad assumption on my part, but I’m quite certain that high gas prices have or are going to increase motorcycle and/or scooter traffic on our highways. Why have I come to that…