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This Saturday, May 20, a broad coalition of individuals and consumer advocates will gather in Oklahoma City as part of the sixth annual international “March Against Monsanto,” manufacturer of popular weedkiller Roundup, whose active ingredient has been linked to a […]

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Help Feed Hungry Oklahomans For Easter

(Oklahoma City, Okla.) – March 25, 2013 – On the heels of three consecutive years in which Oklahoma trial lawyers have given away a combined 11,000 turkeys to Oklahoma families,…

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National Birth Defects Prevention Month

“Birth defects are common, costly and critical.”

Every 4 ½ minutes, in the United States, a baby is born with a major birth defect. In fact, they are a leading cause of…

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How to Handle Dog Aggression

No one wants to admit they have an aggressive dog, but the fact is, many dogs do show signs of aggression, even when they're loved and well cared for. An aggressive dog isn't necessarily…

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Denver TV Anchor Viciously Attacked by Rescued Dog

After being rescued from an icy lake a day earlier, an 85-pound Argentine mastiff attacked a Denver news anchor the next day on live TV. The dog, named Gladiator Maximus, or Max, fell into a…

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Courage is Contagious: Contact an Attorney if You Have Been Injured

Billy Graham once said that “courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

As a trial lawyer who represents the injured and in…

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July the Hottest Month Ever Recorded in Oklahoma

Keep your AC cranking and water at your side, Oklahoma. The brutal heat and ongoing drought is showing no signs of stopping. The month of July became the hottest month ever on record in Oklahoma….

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Oklahoma City Experts Offer Advice on How to Prevent Dog Bites

As of June 30th, there have been over 600 animal bites reported to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. Most of these bites came from dogs that were confined, not stray. There is a good chance that there…

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Fireworks Safety Tips for a Fun and Enjoyable July 4th

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, plans and preparation have begun for the various fireworks displays to be held across the country. Along with cookouts and parades, fireworks play a…

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Tornado safety precautions

Tornadoes are a part of life for those of us who live in Oklahoma. Severe thunderstorms—and their potential to turn into deadly tornadoes—are a part of spring and summer. Just in the…