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Noble McIntyre

McIntyre Law Releases Annual Oklahoma DUI Report

For the fourth year in a row, McIntyre Law, P.C. has released a new study of alcohol-related accident trends across Oklahoma, in an effort to improve the lives of fellow Oklahomans through their…

Jeremy Thurman

Memorial Day Weekend in Oklahoma

This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, many Oklahomans will travel around or out of the state to various celebrations and festivities. Memorial Day is typically known as the start of the summer…

Jeremy Thurman

Three Girls Hit Outside Del City High School

Koco.com has just reported that three girls were hit by a car in front of Del City High School, according to fire department officials. Del City High School is located at 1900 S. Sunnylane Rd….

Jeremy Thurman

Rural Road Dangers

According to 2010 DUI statistics, a drunk driving crash in Oklahoma is roughly twice as likely to occur in a rural area because of poor or absent lighting. Forty percent of the alcohol-related…

Jeremy Thurman

Crash Safety of Small Cars

On the market for a new car? Tempted to trade in for a smaller model to save on gas? In this time of high gas prices and lots of media attention on making the move towards…

Jeremy Thurman

Texting Driving = Reckless Driving

In November 2010, Oklahoma began enforcing its Distracted Driving law signed by Gov. Brad Henry. While House Bill 2276 (PDF) doesn’t include text messaging or cell phones, it does address…

Jeremy Thurman

A Novel Approach to School Zone Safety in Oklahoma?

Every morning and afternoon, millions of school aged children make their way to and from schools across the country. Some walk, some ride bikes, some ride buses and others are dropped off and…

Jeremy Thurman

Distracted Drivers Most Dangerous Drivers On the Road

We previously blogged about teenage driving and the fact that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Overall inexperience behind the wheel is one of the major factors that…

Jeremy Thurman

Death, Severe Injuries Attributed to Lack of Seat Belt Use in Blaine County Car Wreck

Last week we blogged about a tragic car accident outside of Payne County, Oklahoma that killed 5 people. Three of the five people killed were not wearing seatbelts. This week, another fatality on…

Jeremy Thurman

Car Crashes Leading Cause of Death for Teens

For teenagers, car crashes are the leading cause of death, with the summer months being the most fatal. Since teenagers have more free time in the summer because school is out, they are more apt…