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Three More Deaths Reported on Oklahoma's Roads

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According to newsok.com, there have been three more traffic deaths in Oklahoma reported between Saturday and Monday. The newspaper is reporting that

An Arkansas man was killed in a two-vehicle crash Monday evening in Delaware County, an Oklahoma City man died Sunday afternoon after being in a wreck Saturday morning and a Noble woman died Tuesday after a wreck in Cleveland County, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

This sadly seems to be a trend in Oklahoma lately. Just on my way to work this morning I witnessed the aftermath of what I would deem a serious accident involving a motorcyclist who did not appear to be wearing his helmet. Further, several deaths this month in Oklahoma have involved individuals not wearing their seatbelts as I recently reported in my blog titled Safety Belts Can Save Your Life. So come Oklahoma, let’s practice a little safety on our roads and make sure to obey traffic laws and please, wear your seat belts.