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Texting While Driving – A National Pandemic


Do you text? Do you have a Smartphone where you are constantly checking emails? I friend of mine conveniently refers to a Blackberry as a Crackberry. Even my five-year old knows that when daddy’s little red light is blinking on his Blackberry, that means he has an email. Truth is, texting and emailing are becoming a catastrophic problem on our roads.

According to a CNN article written by “AOL Autos” if avoid text messaging in your car, you stand a substantially reduced chance of a loss of a claim or, indeed, a loss of life, recent studies suggest. Texting while driving, or fiddling with myriad devices including your cell phone, BlackBerry or GPS system, is a leading factor in accidents across the nation. The article states that:

One study by Nationwide Insurance suggests DWT is generational, with 37 percent of people age 18 to 27 saying they text message while driving, while just 14 percent of those ages 28 to 44 and two percent of drivers ages 45 to 60 admitted to it.


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  1. Dave says:
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    As a 47 year old,I don’t even know how to “text”,in fact,I don’t even know if my cell phone will allow me to text,additionally,I don’t even know my cell phone # due to it never being used and just stored in my glove compartment for emergencies.

  2. John says:
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    Back in the early 80’s late 70’s the phone company came out with this little texting device, a few people had it then but I didn’t buy into it, this little device disappeared being replaced by a big expensive cell phone,I didn’t buy that either, ya know what? I never bought a cell ever and now people are back to chatting on texting devices that could just as well be hands free talking devices. I think a normal conversation in person would be nice.

  3. jerry says:
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    Hey…there’s this new device you can use when you’re driving.
    You merely push a button with your thumb making a series of beeping noises, some kind of code. You can keep your eye on the road too! I think they call it…let me see what was it..oh yeah..Morse code!!

  4. Textaholic says:
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    Well, you sophisticates can dig up 8 tracks to make yourself proud. Yeah, the “brilliant” ones are too “smart” for texting or cellphones–who cares. Fuddy–duddies. Dave says, “I don’t even know how to text”–who gives a clap?

    So, brilliant inventors will create new technology to make texting while driving safe.

    Sounds like a retirement magazine rant.

  5. Ferret says:
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    I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before the analysis of cell phone records will be standard procedure during the investigation of any traffic collision – just so that it can be determined whether or not the driver was distracted by either texting or talking on the phone at the moment of the accident.

  6. bobthegrape says:
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    Bumper sticker seen on an SUV in Peachtree City, GA: “Are you drunk, or just on your cell phone?” ‘Nuff said?

  7. The Decider says:
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    The state of California did a study around ten years ago that prooved using a cell phone while driveing was responsible for approx. 30% more accidents than driving while being legally intoxicated. This problem is only getting worse. Large fines and then jail terms should be legislated for people that use these devices while driving.

  8. L Swaney says:
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    People need to realize they are driving “Killing Machines” and it requires full attention and concentration to be responsible behind the wheel.

  9. Hako says:
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    Not everyone under thirty is stupid enough to text while driving, so don’t make it sound like that. You don’t have to be “brillliant” to see the problem. All you need is a little common sense. Texting requires continual glancing away from the traffic. Cell phones can be voice-activated and hands-free, like mine, so are safer. Why don’t people just call if they have something to say?

  10. Mark says:
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    How about just shutting up, and listening to music?

  11. jim says:
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    talking on a cellphone while driving is bad news,period. I was almost ran over at an intersection by a post-teen girl chatting on her phone. She was not paying attention. the bulk of the populace has no appreciation for the laws of physics; in other words no understanding that cars are dangerous flying hunks of metal.

  12. Scott Brown says:
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    I’ve never “texted,” but I get them through misdialed numbers. It’s amazing the useless messages people send, and how difficult it can be to figure them out. It’s sometimes worse than reading illiterate responses to blogs.

    Why anyone who cannot spell or write would willingly type messages into a hand held device, whether driving or not, escapes me. But if one of these idiots kills me on the road it could very possibly be by sending me an inscrutable message which, as I attempt to decipher it, causes me to lose my mind and drive into a wall.

    Forget dangling participles, let’s see some current DWT accident stats, then propose a Darwin Award for fatalities involving Driving While Mangling Messages.

    I recall there was one Darwin Award awhile back, featuring some hotshot, late for a sales presentation, who wrapped his car around a light pole doing 80 MPH. When they pried him out of the wreckage they found an open How To sales manual stapled to his chest with the steering column.

    Chapter One: Multi-Tasking While Using Heavy Machinery.

    Body of text: “Don’t.”

    Proceed to next lesson.

    (Or, in “texting”: chapitur1, multEtaskin wile uzen hevE musheenrE…doant

    proC 2 nX lesen)

  13. rod johnson says:
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    anyone caught texting while driving should be immediately executed.

    Do this for one year – no trials! – and DWT would cease.

  14. up arrow

    They were so quick to come up with hands-free talk devices but how come no hands-free text devices.

  15. James Cool says:
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    A fine question. The technology certainly exists. My blackberry can perform a test based google search off a voice command.