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SUV Crashes into Tulsa Quiktrip

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Tulsaworld.com is reporting that an SUV crashed into a local Quiktrip injuring three people. This car wreck reminds me of a similar incident I was involved in during my high school days. In my situation, I was gathered with my high school baseball teammates preparing to board a bus to travel to an away game. We typically went to the convenience store before trips to purchase Gatorade and snakes for the road trip. While a bunch of us were in the story we hear tires screeching and see a pickup heading straight for the front of the store. We all ran to the back of the store as the pickup crashed through the front of the store.

Now why did I say all that? The important aspect is the convenience store in which I was in erected metal barriers as part of its remodeling to keep the incident from happening again and to protect its customers. Now obviously the driver in the Tulsa wreck is liable for any injuries he or she caused. However, it is this lawyers opinion that more stores located on busy streets should consider erected barricades to protect its customers.