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Reminder for Teens: National Teen Driver Safety Week


Congress has designated this week as National Teen Driver Safety Week. Congress designated this week as a time for communities, schools and families to raise awareness and provide solutions to teen driver crashes.

According to newsok.com and by virtue of my experience as an Oklahoma car accident lawyer, traffic fatalities among teenage drivers in Oklahoma are an issue that must be addressed. As a former brazen teen, I’m well aware of the fact that many teens think they are invincible and nothing serious will ever happen to them while they are behind the wheel or even in the passenger seat of a car. However, the facts do not bear this out.

In 2008, 94 people ages 13 to 19 years died in passenger vehicle crashes in Oklahoma. Of those people, 58 were not wearing seat belts.

I encourage all parents and community members to continually remind your teens of the dangers of driving. Probably the most painful experiences I have as an attorney are when parents come to me because their children have died due to the negligence of another. So remind your teens to buckle up and be safe when the drive.


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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    A lot of places have started to add the training to their drivers ed. Interesting to see people try to drive while texting or being yelled at, while they try go in and out of cones, is a a great class.

  2. Nicci Surtees says:
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    I was a pedestrian crossing at traffif lights with a walk light clearly visible way up the hill where the SUV driven by a 17-year old sped through a red light while talking on his cellphone ploughed into me, knocked me to the ground and dragged me underneath. He was talking on a cellphone to his mother, who heard the sound of the impact as he hit me.
    I was unconscious for weeks and can no longer work.
    This person was not insured properly.
    My life has changed but this person has not apologized for what was done.
    I suppose I do not matter – I am not a teenager – just a victim.