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Oklahoma Tornado Reminds of Safety Procedures

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A tornado in Rogers Mills County destroyed 5 homes and damaged several others Monday when it passed through Hammon according to newsok.com. The storm also destroyed a county barn and caused other debris about 6 p.m.


(Note: The Above Video is From a 2009 Tornado in Rogers Mills County)

Watching footage on the local news last night, I was reminded of the importance of tornado safety procedures for motorists. Most Oklahomans recall the May 1999 F5 tornado where many of us watched as the huge tornado destroyed the city of Moore and other areas of Oklahoma.


With the destructive nature of a tornado, it’s important to not only remember safety procedures for inside the home but also safety procedures for driving. If you are driving and see a tornado forming or on the ground drive AWAY from the tornado path at right angles. If time or traffic does not permit driving away, abandon the vehicle and get away from it so that it doesn’t roll over on you. Lie flat on the ground or in a ditch or depression with your hands covering the back of your head and neck; keep alert for flash floods.