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OCU Wrestler's Dramatic Comeback from Car Wreck

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Before I get to the headline of this blog, I would like to give an explanation of how I found it. See, I’m a sports nut. I play fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy football, fantasy golf and probably every NCAA tournament braacket you could imagine. I’ve always played sports from the youngest age through college and into my adult life I have started playing softball (yes I can still rip a ball) and my love of golf continues. I was the type of child who memorized baseball cards, statistics and starting lineups for my favorite teams. So it comes as now suprise that I’m still an avid box score reader and am constantly reading the sports sections of various newspapers. This afternoon, I came across what I consider a very heartwarming story of a college wrestler who has come back from a horrific car accident that left her mother paralyzed and her with lifelong injuries. Now I know little of college wrestling, but as I started reading this the most suprising thing was this story was about Melissa Simmons, thats right a woman wrestler.

I thought about trying to tell you the story, but I think it would better served for you to click on Newsok.com and read the story yourself. This should serve as an inspiration for those seriously injured in an auto accident.