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Negotiating Auto Accidents

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Have you ever tried to negotiate with an adjuster regarding an automobile case? I often pose this question when talking to prospective clients and some have and some have not.

That said, for those that have tried they invariably say that their experience was unpleasent at best and they feel they weren’t compensated as they should have been for there injuries. Now lets think, how many claims per year, per month and per day do you think an insurance adjuster deals with. It has to be at least in the hundreds. With that in mind, don’t you think that your one experience or total lack of experience puts you at a disadvantage. Nix & McIntyre attorneys have been working these cases for years and we can assure that you need to hire an attorney to level the playing field. Insurance companies are guided by profits. In order to make a profit they need to pay out less and take in more. It only stands to reason that the reason they so frequently attack attorneys and in some cases hint to the injured that they do not need an attorney is for one reason, so they can pay less on the claim than they would if an attorney is involved.

In conclusion, just think about it, hire an attorney if your injured in an auto accident.