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Get your mascara off my road

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So my cell phone is set to vibrate because I get so many emails, calls and text messages I would be accused of noise pollution if the stupid thing was set to ring (which would still be better than some of the stupid ringtones I’ve had to tolerate from those who think I’m interested in 30 seconds worth of their favorite song). Tonight my cell phone buzzes (note I’m sitting in my house when I check it and not driving down the road inTEXTicated). Tonight it wasn’t a phone call, email or text that caused my cell phone to buzz, it was a facebook post from an old college friend. The post read as follows:

" can’t figure out how ladies can apply mascara while driving down the road (saw THREE of ‘em doing it just this week!) It’s all I can do to keep from smudging it on my lids while standing in front of an 8 foot mirror with bright halogen lights in the classic-mascara-eyes-wide-open pose…"

The responses were as follows:

"I know, it is bad. My whole make-up bag is in my car. But at least I don’t drink & drive & text & apply make-up. I draw the line there."

"Ok, I’m shammed…I’ll stop! (for at least a week!)"

"Can’t do that but I drive while inTEXTicated everyday!!"

"It’s very easy"

"Guilty…did it this morning"

And finally…. "I do it everyday. 2 words. Stop, Light"

Ladies – I’m a big fan of makeup – I’m actually shocked how some women can go from "eh..she’s ok" to "wow" with just makeup but it does happen. I also love dark eye makeup – love it. However, I would rather you show up looking terrible than not show up at all because you had a car accident while applying mascara or other forms of makeup! You daily makeup applicators while driving are worse then semi-truck drivers texting while driving (new study shows semi-truck drivers are 27 times more likely to have an accident if texting and driving) because you do it ALL THE STINKING TIME!!!

So you may be beautiful and you maybe sexy, but get your mascara applying self off my Oklahoma roads before you run into me and leave my daugthers (who I’m sure will NEVER consider applying makeup while driving) fatherless!

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Great word inTEXTicated. Hit’s the whole issue right on the head.