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Deadly Automobile Accident is Grim Reminder of Risks of Drinking and Driving

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We recently blogged about a horrifying car wreck on I-240 in Oklahoma City that killed a 5 year-old and seriously injured a 2 year-old. This wreck serves as a grim reminder of the morbid consequences drinking and driving poses to the motoring public.

McIntyre Law recently researched drinking and driving in Oklahoma and this story simply compounds our desire to remind Oklahomans about the risks imposed on themselves and other motorists by drinking and driving. Think about these statistics:

  • 1. Each year in Oklahoma, approximately 250 people are killed in alcohol-related traffic crashes. That is about the same number of people murdered in this state every year.
  • 2. Approximately 40% of all fatal traffic crashes occurring Oklahoma are alcohol-related.
  • Next time you get behind the wheel remember the consequences you may face including jail time and extensive fines. More importantly, think of the children and other motorists lives you are risking. Do you want to be responsible for the death of another?