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Baseball Player Hurt in Car Wreck

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I’m about to make a confession. I am a huge baseball fan. Even worse, I’m a Texas Ranger baseball fan. So while looking over what this season is going to be like, I noticed that one of my favorte players was involved in a car wreck. Dallasnews.com is reporting that third baseman Hank Blalock’s car was rear ended March 3 as he came home from lunch (at Chuck E. Cheese) with his wife and one of his kids (his 3-year-old son). Blalock said he was sore and has stiff neck, but is fine otherwise. His wife and child are also fine after getting checked out by a doctor. Blalock said it was a hard hit, adding that one witness thought the other car was going about 40 mph.

Blalock has had some soreness in the back of his right shoulder, but probably would have DH’d in today’s game. Blalock is listed as day-to-day.